Healthimation provides a taste of healthcare’s coming “gamification” revolution.

From "Redox: CES2017 Friday Recap: Healthcare Goes Virtual" by George McLaughlin for Redox.

As the story goes, former video game experts from Warner Brothers, Vivendi Universal, and Hasbro got together to form an “entertainment studio” for healthcare. Their first product is a diabetes management application built on the long standing diabetes management program, “WhyWAIT”.

What struck me about Healthimation’s demo of their application was the quality of the digital avatar, “Lena”. She seemed more like a character out of the newest Pixar film than some emotionless virtual assistant. While “gamifying” evidenced-based clinical programs is an obvious opportunity, the difficult part lies in actually making a compelling game. If Healthimation’s product in use comes anywhere close to the quality of the demo, they may be on to something big. Definitely a group worth keeping an eye on. 

Check out this article for more information on the Healthimation.